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Welcome to Pushtimarg

It is written in the Lakshanadhyaya in the Second Chapter of Shrimad Bhagvatam that :


Which means that Shree Krishna's grace (anughraha) is called the Pushti Leela. Normally Pushti is not a word used too often as Anughraha. Pushti the word is made from Poshan. Poshan means Anughraha.

The work that cannot be done by dicipline or hardwork can only be done by the grace of Krishna.

"Anughrahto Lok Siddhi"

A girl born in a poor family does not have any means to become a queen but if the king wishes(grace) he can make her the queen.

Anughrahah is a character of Shree Krishna. In Shrimad Vallabhacharya's Bhagvat Tatvarth Deep Nibandh it is written that :

"Pushti Kaaladi Badhika"

As Sun's character is to give light so is grace the character of Shree Krishna. This grace cannot be achieved by any means and solely depends on the wishes of Shri Krishna. Who ever he thinks is fit for the grace, he showers his grace on them and fulfills all their alokik wishes.

The sixth skandh of Shrimad Bhagvatam according to Shrimad Vallabhacharya's SUBHODINI  is called the Pushti leela. Vritrasur being of the Demonic race was able to get darshan of Narayana and get his grace.


Next Week  I shall be putting in a special on Shri Gusainji.

Pushtimarg is a path of bliss, it is a golden path towards attaining a pure entity, a supreme power by a simple pure soul. A soul who is smaller than an atom which is part of the whole.

Pushtimarg is like a river that flows endlessly without bothering about its own entity and dificulties. The only goal of the river is to meet the ocean and become one with it. After facing mountains and rocks a river does not leave its purity and its nature, it preserves the trees near its banks, gives relaxation and cool water to anyone coming to its bank, gives food to all within it and food to anyone coming to it.

Thus pushtimarg teaches a vaishnav to be a   river and only think about how to attain "sanidhya" closeness and meet the ocean which is the supreme entity called "Krshna".

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